About us

Thanks for stopping by!

I am Asmita, and I am a Designer by profession and an Artist at heart and I love to create.

"Every time I am anxious or tired or lost, I like to sit and paint. And I am home instantly to comfort and peace."

For passion of all things beautiful and useful, Studio Aoura was created with an intention to add beauty to our everyday.

We have a special range of hand-painted, digitised Stationery which has our heart and soul put into it. We also have a special range of Life Management Journals & Notebooks.

Knowing the fact that how technology has replaced everything today but a physical diary or a journal with everything written in your handwriting holds the ability to record everything you thought or you wished at a particular time can never have a substitute.

As we always say, No task is too small to document if its something you dont want to forget, write it down and do the needful.

Welcome to the club, and congrats on being the newest member.

Take a moment to grasp this, to fuly understand, absorb and embrace this- that we make art.

We shall stick with you for life.